Lexus NX interior

The Lexus NX interior is a great place to spend time. It’s undoubtedly a premium model, with impressive build quality, but the technology on offer lags behind alternative SUVs


As outside, so inside, the design is bold and refreshing

The centre console apes the front end – a bold and refreshing design. Materials are good and there’s loads of kit on offer, though it’s a little disappointing that satnav is only an option until the top-spec Premium model. In tune with just about any other Lexus model on sale, the Lexus NX is a well-made and pretty high-quality interior too.

Material quality is great throughout but the infotainment system feels old hat next to the competition

Mat Watson
carwow expert


As outside, so inside, the design is bold and refreshing

Next to the supercomputer that is the Audi Q5’s infotainment system, the one in the Lexus NX feels quite dated. It does have a decently large seven-inch screen but it only serves to magnify the poor graphics and outdated menus. Not only that but the basic system hardly has any functionality – you can set the climate and look at trip information. The optional sat-nav wouldn’t be such a problem if the Lexus NX supported Apple CarPlay and Android Auto similarly to just about any alternative but it doesn’t.

Give Lexus a fair bit of money (£1,995) and you get the upgraded system that comes with a larger eight-inch screen and is connected to the internet. Such connectivity lets you get live traffic alerts and the weather forecast. Another feature of the upgraded infotainment system is the Siri Eyes Free – as you probably have guessed by the name it’s restricted to Apple phones only and lets you access e-mail and send text messages via voice control. The standard is controlled by a rotary dial with the top-spec system gets a laptop-style touchpad. Even though the infotainment system in the Lexus NX is slightly easier to operate on the move than the touchscreen fitted to the Jaguar F-Pace, it’s not even close to the intuitive menu navigation of the Audi Q5 or the BMW X3.

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