SEAT Leon ST interior

A sturdily built dashboard that could do with a bit more colour.


The SEAT Leon ST‘s dash is a design study in simplicity and has more flair than in a Golf – though perhaps the centre console could be a little less plain. Everything is well positioned and made from good quality materials.

Everything feels well-made and the passenger space is above class average

Mat Watson
carwow expert


Just like the hatchback, all SEAT Leon ST models get a touchscreen infotainment system with a five-inch screen. It’s fast to respond and the graphics are pleasingly colourful, but there’s hardly anything to do with it apart from exploring the different trip details such as fuel economy or remaining range.

More interesting is the optional Media System Plus. It’s a fairly advanced piece of kit that comes with voice commands as well as gesture controls so you no longer need to take your eyes off the road to operate the touchscreen. Not only that, but the screen grows to eight inches in size and the speed of operation is faster thanks to a brand-new processor. This system is shared with VW Group models and is arguably one of the best touchscreens in the business.

Should you get bored with the SEAT apps for the infotainment you can always connect your phone via SEAT’s Full link. It incorporates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support and with the dedicated button on the dashboard you can quickly jump in and out of the app.

Available trims

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