The family hatchbacks with the biggest boots

When buying a family car, you need to know you’ll have enough room not only for your passengers, but for lugging around the myriad things they bring with them. You might not always need a big boot, but knowing you have one in an emergency can be reassuring.

We’ve put together this list of the 10 hatchbacks with the biggest boots to help you get you the most volume for your money. If any of these cars are for you, check out our new car deals page – you’ll save money directly from the UK’s top dealers. Our helpful PCP calculator can help you get a better idea how much your new car will cost.

Skoda Octavia – 590 litres

At first glance, the Skoda Octavia might look like a saloon but, don’t be fooled, the whole rear hatch lifts to reveal an astonishing 590-litre capacity. It uses parts from the Volkswagen Golf too, so you can be sure it’ll be a quality product.

Aside from the huge luggage capacity, there are tons of little cubby holes and handy features that’ll help store your family’s gear. Select one of torquey yet frugal diesel engines and the Octavia will feel powerful around town and comfortable on the motorway.

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Skoda Rapid – 550 litres

It isn’t very exciting to look at but the reasonably priced Skoda Rapid has a boot that’s larger than some medium-sized estate cars. Even with all the passenger seats taken, the 550-litre cargo area should have room for all their luggage.

Being a Volkswagen Group car means it’s impeccably well put together and features the usual range of efficient petrol and diesel engines. The SEAT Toledo is also worth considering – based on the same platform, its luggage capacity is equally immense.

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Honda Civic – 478 litres

The latest Honda Civic offers an impressive amount of both passenger and luggage room. Five people can sit in comfort with enough space for all their stuff and, like all Hondas, there’s a reassuring feel to the interior materials. You also get the brand’s ‘magic’ rear seats that raise to let you store tall items.

For the best all-round driving experience, go for the 1.6-litre diesel engine and you’ll be rewarded with lots of power when you need it, along with the ability to achieve over 75mpg.

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Peugeot 308 – 470 litres

The stylish Peugeot 308 is a noticeable improvement over its predecessors which weren’t known for their build quality or driving appeal. Thanks to Peugeot’s hard work, the 308 is a match for rivals thanks to its sturdy and attractive interior and comfortable ride.

Its gigantic 470-litre boot is another fantastic feature and is around 150 litres bigger than the Ford Focus. The huge boot marginally eats into rear legroom but, as a rounded family car, this practical Peugeot will be all you’ll ever need.

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Citroen C4 – 408 litres

The Citroen C4 is a decent family car, despite not being a big seller. Its interior style lags behind some rivals, but attractive deals from Citroen make it good value for money. With 408 litres of boot space, you shouldn’t be worried when it comes to squeezing everything in.

The wide range of engines also make it an attractive choice. The best units are the diesel models – the 1.6-litre HDI can return almost 70mpg. You’ll be pleased to know it also received Euro NCAP’s highest five-star rating when it was tested.

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Nissan Pulsar – 395 litres

With just shy of 400 litres of space, the Nissan Pulsar does well in the practicality stakes. It isn’t the most adventurous choice but it makes a very sensible family car. Inside, there’s bags of rear legroom and the high quality materials give you confidence it won’t fall apart after a year or two of lugging the kids around.

It isn’t the best choice for keen drivers, but its five-star safety rating and the vast passenger and cargo spaces make up for this. It’s very comfortable and will make setting off for the family holiday a breeze.

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Renault Megane – 384 litres

While it won’t be in showrooms until next year, the new Renault Megane will have 384 litres of boot space. While that’s slightly less than its predecessor, it’s still enough to put it on this list.

While the old Megane felt dated compared to mainstream competitors, the new one promises to be just as good to drive as it is at ferrying the family around. There’s more good news too because, like all Renaults, it’ll be built to keep its occupants as safe as possible.

You’ll have to wait until early next year, but check out our aggregated review of the new Megane to see if it’s the one for you.

VW Golf – 380 litres

After 40 years of development it’s no wonder the Volkswagen Golf remains among the best in class. It comes out well in this test too – open the boot and you’ll find 380 litres of space. It’s the same story in the cabin too, with great legroom front and back.

You won’t be disappointed on the road either because the cream of Volkswagen’s punchy yet economical engines are offered. While it isn’t be the most exciting thing to drive, as a family hatchback, it’s difficult to think of a better all-rounder.

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Kia Cee’d – 380 litres

The Kia Cee’d has improved in leaps and bounds compared to its predecessors. The latest generation now offers not only one of the biggest boots in class, but a great driving experience, too.

With ample passenger room and a great choice of petrol and diesel engines, the Cee’d tops everything off with a fantastic seven-year warranty. That means there’s no need to worry about unexpected bills for a long time.

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Hyundai i30 – 378 litres

The last entry is the Hyundai i30 and, while 378 litres of capacity won’t top this list, it has more then enough of space for most families. The cabin has ample room for a family of four and stays hushed at speed, making long journeys easy.

Behind the wheel, the i30 makes sure you’re comfortable – whether you’re on the school run or on holiday, you shouldn’t get complaints for a bumpy ride. It can’t quite match the style of some rivals but, with a five-year warranty, it’s a more sensible choice than many.

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Skoda Octavia

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£16,660 - £27,990
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Honda Civic

Family hatchback with big boot and decent interior
£18,565 - £24,765
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Peugeot 308

Classy small hatchback with some premium touches
£15,930 - £26,880
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