Volkswagen Passat dimensions – UK exterior and interior sizes


Large saloon cars have fallen somewhat out of favour with UK buyers in recent times, but the Volkswagen Passat has bucked the trend to some extent, aided by saloon, estate and four-wheel-drive Alltrack versions. There is no high-performance version of the Passat so the Alltrack, which only comes in Estate form, is the top of the range.

Having different configurations of the same model means there are sizeable variations in both exterior and interior sizes. That’s why we’ve compiled this exhaustive guide to the current Passat’s dimensions, which is here to help you decide if the one you are interested in will fit where you want it to go, or if it is big enough for what you need.


Exterior dimensions

The Passat is a pretty big car, and as parking spaces seem to be getting smaller and smaller as time goes by it’s never been more important to make sure that the Passat you are thinking of buying will squeeze into where you need it to be.



Length – 4,769mm
Width (excluding door mirrors) – 1,820mm
Height – 1,462-1,470mm (Bluemotion 1,462mm)
Height (opened boot) – 1,766mm (Bluemotion 1,760mm)
Wheelbase – 2,712 mm



Length – 4,771mm
Width (excluding door mirrors) – 1,820mm
Height – 1,516mm (Bluemotion 1,508mm)
Height (opened boot) – 2,027mm (Bluemotion 2,022mm)
Wheelbase – 2,712mm



Length – 4,769mm
Width (excluding door mirrors) – 1,820mm

Height – 1,550mm
Height (opened boot) – 2,060mm
Wheelbase – 2,710 mm


Interior dimensions

Exterior dimensions can be important if you have to get your car into a garage, a small parking space, or if you have to turn around in a tight area regularly, but everybody needs to know how big their prospective new car is inside. Interior dimensions are particularly crucial if you’re looking at the estate version of the Passat, which may be loaded up with people and luggage more frequently owing to its practical billing.



Headroom (front) – 973mm (951mm with sunroof)
Headroom (rear) – 961mm (960mm with sunroof)
Elbow width (front) – 1,467mm
Elbow width (rear) – 1,491mm
Legroom (front) – 1,053mm

Estate and Alltrack


Headroom (front) – 970mm (981mm with sunroof)
Headroom (rear) – 980mm (983mm with sunroof)
Elbow width (front) – 1,467mm
Elbow width (rear) – 1,491mm
Legroom (front) – 1,053mm


Luggage capacities

Another vital aspect of the average family car – how much can you squeeze in the boot? The Passat is a large car and it has a correspondingly large boot, though the estate version is naturally the biggest.



Boot space (saloon) with rear seat upright – 565 litres
Boot space (estate) with rear seats upright/folded – 603-litres / 1,731 litres
Boot space (Alltrack) with rear seats upright/folded – 588-litres / 1,716 litres


Turning circle and fuel tank capacity

The Passat, especially in estate form, looks like a pretty long vehicle. But the turning circle is good – the same regardless of body style – and compares well with vehicles that look quite a bit shorter. The Passat’s fuel tank is fairly typical of cars in this class, giving the diesel models in particular huge range potential.



Turning circle – 11.4m
Fuel tank – 70 litres



The weight of a car like the Passat probably isn’t all that important to a lot of buyers unless they are going for the Alltrack and towing a big caravan or trailer. However, weight does play a part in every vehicle, impacting performance, economy and handling. Here’s what you need to know.



Kerb weight – 1,451kg (1.4-litre TSI 122 PS BlueMotion) to 1,706kg for the (Alltrack)
Gross weight – 2,000kg (1.4-litre TSI 122 PS BlueMotion) to 2,280kg (Alltrack)
Payload – 580kg (BlueMotion 1.6-litre TDI 105 PS) to 687kg (2.0-litre TDI 177 PS)

Find out more about the Passat

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