VW Golf Mk7 GTI and GTD - What can you expect?

RenaultSport models might have been picking up all the hot hatchback awards for the last few years, but there are three letters that still tingle the senses more than virtually any others - G, T and I.

April 2013 Update - We have a new updated post with full GTI and GTD Details. GTD vs GTI.

On the back of a Golf, theyve represented both the best and the worst of hot hatchbacks.

But with the new Mk7 Golf already bowling over the press, we could be in for a real treat with the GTI model.

The GTI concept debuted at the 2012 Paris Motor Show back in September, and it gets one thing right, straight off the bat - the styling.

The Mk7 Golfs crisp styling is like a blank canvas onto which the GTI boffins can paint, and the result is a modern, attractive take on the GTI theme. Those five-spoke alloy wheels fill the arches perfectly, and the car sits nice and low on its springs.

Golf Mk7 GTI rear

The front and rear bumpers have been redesigned too - at the front, the GTI gets plastic strakes on either side. Thats a first for the GTI, but it does remind us of the detailing on another car from the GTIs 1980s heyday - the Ferrari Testarossa. Honeycomb detailing can be found on both the red-striped grille and the lower bumper grille. At the back, the diffuser-style rear bumper makes way for twin exhaust tips.

Perhaps the best detail is reserved for that red stripe on the grille, which actually merges into a red stripe that runs through the headlight units.

Inside, the GTIs traditional tartan trim returns, covering deep, supportive bucket seats. Drivers will also get a sporty three-spoke steering wheel, a driver-focused dashboard and the option of VWs excellent DSG dual-clutch transmission.

Mk7 Golf GTI interior

Handling on the new MQB light-weight platform should be excellent, while a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine offers up two power choices, 217bhp and 227 bhp - up to 20 bhp more than that of the old car. To keep fuel consumption and emissions down, stop-start technology is standard.

The production GTI will be revealed at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March, with UK sales starting in Summer 2013.

Golf GTD

** Update (20th Feb 2013) - The GTD has been launched - MK7 Golf GTD Details **

But what of the Golf GTD? The sporting diesel may lack the heritage of the petrol-powered car, but for thousands of company car drivers and high-mileage families, the literal and metaphorical pull of a diesel model is strong.

You can expect it to have similar exterior styling to that of the GTI, but if the MK6 GTD is anything to go by, itll trade a sporty red stripe for a thin chrome one.

Mk7 Golf GTI seats

Under the bonnet it will feature a heavily-revised version of the 2.0-litre turbo-diesel found in the current GTD. VW has actually spun the engine around by 180 degrees to improve cooling, and power will be around the 177 bhp mark. Naturally, itll have plenty of torque too.

Its fairly safe to assume the GTD will beat the current models 53.3 mpg combined economy, and its 139 g/km CO2 emissions.


For some, the GTI is the only hot hatch worth considering - and for others, a hot diesel Golf is among the most useful cars on the roads. One thing is for sure though - if you like the current models, the lighter, quicker and more efficient Mk7 GTI and GTD should really be on your shopping list

April 2013 Update - We have a new updated post with full GTI and GTD Details.GTD vs GTI.

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