Which Audi is fastest? RS model drag race

Audi’s RS performance division started out just over twenty years ago with the RS2 estate. Based on the Audi 80, it was fettled by Porsche to produce the same amount of power as Ferraris of the same age. Since then, the RS brand has gone from strength to strength, even producing two generations of the R8 supercar. It’s not often you get to see a range of Audi’s fastest cars on track together, so this drag race is a good one.

Car Power 0-62mph Top speed Engine size Drivetrain Price 1/4 mile time
Audi R8 610hp 3.2 secs 205mph 5.2-litre V10 7spd DCT auto, 4WD £135,000 10.6 secs
Audi RS6 605hp 3.7 secs 155mph 4.0-litre V8 twin-turbo 8spd auto, 4WD £85,000 11.5 secs
Audi S1 231hp 5.8 secs 155mph 2.0-litre 4cyl turbo 6spd manual, FWD £26,000 14.2 secs
Audi RS3 395hp 3.7 secs 155mph 2.5-litre 5cyl turbo 7spd DCT auto, 4WD £44,000 12.2 secs
Audi RS2 315hp 4.8 secs 163mph 2.2-litre 5cyl turbo 6spd manual, 4WD 13.4 secs

The RS2 we have here is one of Audi’s prized heritage fleet and has covered just 1,700 miles since new – in other words, they’d rather we didn’t drag race it for fear of damaging it. So the four cars lined up on the start line, and at this point it looks obvious which will win, doesn’t it?

Despite a heavier body and lack of launch control, it was actually the RS6 that got the best start, even beating the R8. The RS3 wasn’t too far behind, and the lower-powered S1 brought up the rear. On its own the S1 is a pocket rocket, and it’s faster than the RS2, but it’s outclassed in this company and shows just how rapid Audi’s more expensive performance cars are.

Before too long, the R8 took the lead, but couldn’t shake off the big RS6 estate. It was incredibly close between the two – far closer than many people would have guessed. As expected, the supercar took the win with the RS6 taking silver, the RS3 came third and bringing up the rear was the S1.

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