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The best cool second hand cars available on carwow for enthusiasts

November 28, 2023 by

There’s A huge array of used cars available through carwow, including some pretty cool stuff for enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a zippy hot hatch or a flagship supercar, you can find it with carwow.

With that in mind, we’ve scoured carwow’s used car pages to find five cool enthusiast cars for sale today. Make sure to check back weekly for all the latest models.

1) Abarth 595

Let’s kick off this week with a bargain hot hatch. This Abarth 595 is a 2016 model with just 32,087 miles on the clock, and it’s finished in a fetching bright red. It can be yours for £7,900.

Under the bonnet of this cheeky little hatchback is a 1.4-litre turbocharged engine with 140hp, although you might think it has twice that based on the rorty exhaust note. The bone-shaking ride could get tiring day-to-day, but you might be willing to put up with it for a car with this much character.

2) Mazda MX-5

When you think of small 2-seater sports cars, the Mazda MX-5 is probably one of the first models which comes to mind. This particular example is the desirable 2.0-litre Sport Nav version, meaning it has a more powerful engine and a limited-slip differential. With just 17,289 miles on the clock, it’ll set you back £13,495.

Few cars will put this big of a smile on your face for the money, the low weight and rear-wheel-drive combo makes it a proper hoot to drive. You may sacrifice some practicality over a hot hatchback, but that’s the price you pay for wind-in-the-hair thrills.

3) Ford Fiesta ST

If the Ford Fiesta ST takes your fancy, you’ll have to look to the used market because the iconic hot hatchback was killed off by the blue oval earlier this year. This is a top-spec ST-3 model with 36,000 miles on the clock, and you can pick it up for £14,900.

Not many small hatchbacks handle as well as the Fiesta ST, and it’s packing plenty of standard equipment as well. It might not be the most comfortable small car on the market, but the punchy 1.5-litre engine is powerful enough to make you look past this.

4) Lexus LC 500

Taking a look at some more premium marques, how about the Lexus LC500? It’s a gorgeous two-door coupe with a thumping great V8 engine under the bonnet, and this particular example is listed for £59,995 having covered 10,662 miles.

The LC is a fantastic long-distance cruiser thanks to some fabulous seats and a comfortable suspension setup. The cabin is also a lovely place to be, even if it is plagued by one of the most infuriating infotainment systems in the business.

5) Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster

Here’s one for the lottery-win garage. The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster is a bonkers-looking hypercar powered by the iconic 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine. This one has done 2,100 miles, and it can be on your driveway for £499,808.

Being the roadster, you not only get the wind in your hair but that V12 soundtrack makes it into your ears uninterrupted. This particular car is finished in black with funky-looking green graphics, and there’s plenty of carbon fibre as well.

Check back here next week for a fresh list of cool used buys available through carwow!

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