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Land Rover Defender colours and price guide

February 23, 2021 by

While the Defender doesn’t have the largest colour selection in the Land Rover range, there are still plenty of paints for you to pick from. You can check out what each colour looks like on the new Defender, as well as how much it costs to spec, in our full colours and price guide below.

  • Fuji White
  • Eiger Grey
  • Gondwana Stone
  • Hakuba Silver
  • Pangea Green
  • Santorini Black
  • Tasman Blue
  • Yulong White
  • Carpathian Grey
  • Silicon Silver

Fuji White – No cost option

Fuji White is the only solid paint available on the Land Rover Defender, which means it’s a colour that doesn’t shine as much as a similar metallic or pearlescent paint. However, it is a smart-looking colour that suits the car well and should appeal to used buyers when you decide to sell the car on. White paints show up dirt very easily, though, so a Land Rover Defender in Fuji White will require lots of cleaning – even if you don’t take it off-road at all. You can spec Fuji White on most Defender trims, though it’s unavailable on the First Edition and X specs.

Eiger Grey – £895 (no-cost option on X trim)

The first of the Defender’s many metallic colour options, Eiger Grey is a classy colour that will appeal to anyone who wants their Land Rover to have a more understated look. As it’s a darker colour, it shouldn’t also need too much scrubbing to look factory fresh again. Like Fuji White, you can’t have Eiger Grey on First Edition versions of the Land Rover Defender, though it is available on all of the other trim levels.

Gondwana Stone – £895 (no-cost option on First Edition and X trims)

Not every colour on the new Defender is a safe and sensible neutral colour – as Gondwana Stone shows, you can spec the car in a khaki-esque brown if that’s more your cup of tea. This likely won’t be the easiest colour to sell on, though Gondwana Stone does make the Land Rover a bit of a head turner. Plus, it should also hide mud and muck fairly well. Gondwana Stone is available across the Land Rover Defender range.

Hakuba Silver – £895 (no-cost option on First Edition and X trims)

Shiny silvers are colours with lots of appeal, so a Land Rover Defender in Hakuba Silver shouldn’t be hard to find a new home for come resale time. Because it’s a brighter colour, it also contrasts nicely with the car’s black bumpers and side skirts. However, that also means it also isn’t very good at hiding dirt that’s built up on the bodywork. Like Gondwana Stone, Hakuba Silver can be specified on all versions of the Land Rover Defender.

Pangea Green – £895 (no-cost option on First Edition and X trims)

Pangea Green is a metallic paint that has an earthy tinge to it – which is perhaps fitting, considering it’s a colour that’s named after an ancient supercontinent. It’s one of the more eye-catching paint options on the new Defender, though that may mean it’ll turn some potential used buyers off when you decide to sell the car. Pangea Green is also the last colour on this list that’s available across all versions of the Land Rover Defender.

Santorini Black – £895 (no-cost option on X trim)

Santorini Black is a less exciting colour than the likes of Pangea Green and Gondwana Stone, though that means it’ll also be a safe sell later down the line. It’s also a paint that’s livened up a bit by its metallic finish – plus, it contrasts nicely with the car’s silver trim pieces, such as the ‘DEFENDER’ script on the bonnet. Other than the First Edition launch model, Santorini Black can be specced on all versions of the Land Rover Defender.

Tasman Blue – £895

The subtly smoky Tasman Blue is another paint on the new Defender that may split opinion with some, though it should be muted enough to not be too tricky to sell on the second-hand market. Being a darker colour means it should also do a decent job at hiding dirt and grime. Tasman Blue is available on most of the Defender range, though it isn’t offered on the First Edition and X models.

Yulong White – £895

On a screen, the slightly silvery Yulong White doesn’t look massively different to the Fuji White colour featured earlier in this list. It should be a bit easier to tell the two apart when you park then next to each other – especially on a bright sunny day, as it’ll be easier to spot the metallic flakes in the Yulong White paint. That shiny finish won’t stop it looking filthy if you don’t regularly wash the car, though.

Carpathian Grey – £1,800 (£905 on X trim)

Carpathian Grey is a colour that slots somewhere in between Santorini Black and the lighter Eiger Grey. That means it’s an understated colour that suits the Defender’s more upmarket image. Unlike the slightly darker black paint, Carpathian Grey should also be able to hide any dirt and grime that’s built up on the sides and bumpers. Carpathian Grey is available on all versions of the new Defender bar the First Edition model, though do bear in mind this is one of the priciest paints you can spec on the car.

Silicon Silver – £1,800 (£905 on X trim)

Another expensive colour on the Land Rover Defender is Silicon Silver – depending on which versions you go for, picking this paint could add £1,800 to the car’s price. If that’s within your budget, then Silicon Silver is worth considering, as it’s a smart-looking colour that’s made even more appealing by the added depth from its metallic finish. Like Carpathian Grey, you can spec this colour on all versions bar the First Edition model.

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