Polestar 3 electric SUV teased: price, specs and release date

Ryan Hirons
June 16, 2021

The third car from Polestar is on the horizon and will be an all-electric SUV. Read on for everything known so far.

  • Polestar 3 confirmed
  • All-electric SUV
  • Could use Polestar 2 batteries
  • Approx. 300-mile range
  • Android-based infotainment
  • Will enter production in 2022

The third car from Polestar is coming, and it’s an all-electric SUV. Creatively named the Polestar 3, it’ll enter production in 2022 as an alternative to the Mercedes EQC, Audi e-tron and BMW iX.

Polestar 3 design

Right now, you’re looking at the Polestar 3. Or a sheet with a Polestar 3 hiding underneath, anyway.

You can make out the boxy SUV silhouette underneath the (presumably sustainable) fabric though, with a roofline that tapers off at the rear.

It looks as though the front of the Polestar 3 will be boxy, yet trendy, as is the norm for the manufacturer — a bit like a Volvo XC90 after an Asos summer sale.

Polestar 3 batteries and range

No official word yet on what’s powering the Polestar 3, outside of some form of electric setup.

If it’s to borrow bits from the Polestar 2, this could mean a range of battery options up to 78kWh in size with a range around the 300-mile mark.

Polestar 3 interior

The Polestar 3 will likely have a similar sustainable, tech-heavy cabin to the 2 (pictured)

Again, there are no official images of the Polestar 3’s interior so you’ll have to hold on a little longer for that.

It is known its digital display and infotainment system will be based on Android though, so expect native Google Maps and Assistant support. It’s likely to have a range of sustainable upholstery options as well.

Polestar 3 price and release date

Production of the Polestar 3 will start in 2022, so expect to see them first hitting UK roads later on next year.
Pricing could start around the £50,000 mark, and rising significantly for larger-capacity cars.

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