Mercedes C-Class Coupe (2015-2017) Review

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The Mercedes C-Class Coupe is based on the four-door saloon of its namesake and rivals the new Audi A5 and the BMW 4 Series. It costs £2,000 more than the C-Class saloon and trades some of that car’s practicality in the name of good looks.

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It looks like a fair deal, though, because, well, the Coupe is really rather good looking. Far from being a mere two-door saloon, it distinguishes itself from the four-door with its diamond-style grille, pillarless doors and sloping rear end.

That said, from behind the steering wheel the saloon-car DNA is hard to deny – the Coupe’s dashboard is exactly the same as you get in the four-door. The three central air vents look sporty, the dials are heavily cowled and you’re surrounded by expensive-looking trim pieces that do a convincing job of making the C-Class feel like a mini S-Class, which is exactly the comparison Mercedes wants you to make.

Rear-seat passenger space is way down on what S-Class occupants have grown accustomed to, but the C-Class is one of the more practical coupes on the market. It has space for two adults in the back, at a push, and a boot that actually looks like it was designed to carry things.

Actual mechanical changes next to the saloon are limited to suspension that is 15mm lower. Engines have been borrowed from the four-door model, so there’s a variety of units to choose between, ranging from the 2.0-litre in the C200 to the 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 in the Mercedes-AMG C63. We would avoid petrol power altogether, though, and go for the C250d diesel that has the best mix of low running costs and performance.

Even if you choose the cheapest model equipment levels are pretty good and see to it that all C Coupes leave the factory with automatic emergency brakes, a Garmin sat-nav, LED headlights and a rear-view camera. The latter pops from behind the famous three-pointed star badge when you engage reverse.

The new C-Class Coupe is up to 27 per cent more efficient than the model it replaces

Mat Watson
carwow expert

Mercedes coupes have often been little more than saloons with two doors missing, but that’s not a complaint levelled at the new C-Class Coupe. It offers style in spades – enough to ensure it sits several pegs above the saloon in the cool stakes.

Thankfully, practicality doesn’t take too big a hit and although it can’t match the saloon for boot space, the Coupe will be easy to live with everyday unless you need lots of rear-seat space. Perhaps the biggest disappointment is that it remains a car better suited to fast cruising than gung-ho B road blasts – if that’s what you’re looking for then the BMW 4 Series remains the go-to choice.

For more detailed and in-depth analysis of the Mercedes C-Class Coupe, read the Interior, Practicality, Driving and Specifications sections of our review over the following pages. And, if you just want to see how much money you can save, click through to our Deals page.

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