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carwow’s Best New City Car 2012 – The VW up!

Is the Volkswagen up! a revolution in small cars? Not particularly – but that doesnt stop it being the best city car on sale in the eyes of the experts. By excelling in nearly every area you can judge a city car on, the up! rises to the top of the class.
The crisp iPod on wheels styling wins plenty of fans, and with wheels pushed to each corner and a boot that finds space in depth rather than length, theres plenty of space inside, even for four adults. In fact, the whole cabin is light and airy, and its remarkably easy to find the ideal driving position. There are few complaints about interior quality here – this is every bit a Volkswagen product, just a little smaller.
Out on the road, the plaudits continue. The 1.0-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine is characterful, environmentally friendly and economical without resorting to complicated technology. Testers are unanimous in their praise for the ride quality and refinement – you could blindfold passengers and convince them they were in a much larger car. While some feel the 59bhp version is a little slow on the open road, either up! handles city traffic with aplomb. All the controls are light too, so you wont get a workout throwing the car around.
The up!s success is only likely to continue, with a five-door model on the way and Skoda and Seat variants set to follow. Weve driven the up! ourselves here at carwow, and certainly agree with the high scores handed out by the experts – which is why the up! is carwow city car of the year.
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