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Veyron Special Editions Feature

The last Veyron has just been sold, so to celebrate we thought it would be nice to reminisce about all the special edition Veyrons ever made. There’s a fair few of them!

300 Veyrons were produced in total, the final one is scheduled to be delivered to its lucky owner this Autumn. We take a quick look at all the limited editions.

Pur Sang

The first special edition Veyron, the Pur Sang, was unveiled in 2007 and only five models were produced. The Pur Sang featured a body made of exposed aluminum alloy and carbon fibre, this edition didn’t come painted, which perfectly showed off the stunning craftsmanship that went into the construction of the bodywork.

All five models sold out in 24 hours, the cost was rumoured to be around $3 million.


Fbg Par Hermes

Launched in 2008 the one-off Veyron Fbg par Hermes was a joint collaboration with Hermes, the luxury fashion designer. This one’s our favourite, simply because it’s brown and we’re rather fond of brown cars! “Fbg per Hermes” refers to the headquarters of Hermes in Paris, “fbg” being a shortened version of the the “faubourg” address.

The interior features the very same leather used for Hermes luggage, and the buyer of this Veyron also got a bonus gift, a specially made trunk! It was priced at 1.55 million euros.

Later that year Bugatti also brought out a range of other colour combinations of the Fbg Par Hermes which customers could order, including “indigo blue and lime green” and “indigo blue and vermilion”.


Sang Noir

The Sang Noir was the 3rd special edition Veyron. It had a completely black exterior and a blindingly bright orange interior. The ‘Tangerine’ colour, black-piano lacquer centre console and chrome front grille were all exclusive to this model.

15 Sang Noirs were made, it’s unknown what price they went for.


Grand Sport

The Grand Sport is the convertible version of the Veyron. The roof is made from transparent polycarbonate and is fully removable. Bugatti also provided a lightweight fabric roof that could be quickly assembled if you were stuck without the proper roof!

150 examples were made, they sold for 1.4 million euros each.


Sang Bleu

The Sang Bleu went on sale in 2009 and was made to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bugatti. This one off was based on the Grand Sport.


Royal Dark Blue and Grey Carbon

At the 2010 Geneva motor-show Bugatti revealed two new one-of-a-kind Veyrons. The Royal Dark Blue had blue tinted carbon-fibre body parts and was sold before it was even publicly announced, at a price of 1.65 million euros.

The Grey Carbon edition featured grey carbon-fibre (unsurprisingly!) and also polished aluminum for the bottom half of the car. This too was also pre-sold, at a price of 1.75 million euros.


Super Sport

The Super Sport was for those owners who felt their standard Veyron just wasn’t quick enough. The Super Sport broke the speed record for a production car when it hit 268mph.

The first five Super Sports produced were themselves a special edition, titled the World Record Edition, they had exposed carbon fibre and orange paint.


L’Or Blanc

Another strangely named limited edition, the “L’Or Blanc” was launched in June 2011 and may well be the last ever special edition Veyron (though we expect they’ll still knock-up a couple more!). It’s based on the Grand Sport and is the first production car to ever be partly made out of porcelain. It’s the most brave and outrageous Veyron we’ve seen and only one will be made, it’s on sale at 1.65 million Euros.

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